iGO Yoga and Reiki

February 17, 2017

iGO Mindfulness Programs – Madison, WI

Private Yoga Sessions (we call it Personal Yoga Training here at iGO) are set up to be long-term, individualized programming that is set up to support your needs, and move at your pace. The same way Personal Strength and Conditioning Training is most effective when done consistently, Personal Yoga Training accelerates your practice and gives your mind and body the opportunity to experience growth.

Reiki (Energetic Support) with Cari Sims can help you experience greater body awareness, deeper meditative states, support your immune system, and hold space if you’re experiencing feelings of heaviness, negativity, or anxiety.

Yoga Class Series In this balanced, moderate pace yoga class, you’ll dive deeper into the “why” and “how” of yoga, so you are empowered with the knowledge that can help you use yoga as a tool of transformation in your life. The focus of this class is to explore different ways of ‘being’ in your practice throughout the series and participants help shape the experience.

Custom Online Yoga Coaching  – Using our online coaching platform, you’ll receive customized yoga sequences and instruction, along with meditation and other mindfulness practices.

How do you know if working with Cari is the right fit for you?

Is this class for you? If you mostly agree or feel excited about the points below, you will probably love Cari’s coaching.

  1. You want to focus on breathing not complicated breathing, but how to make breath expansive and effortless.
  2. You like to visualize! Here we practice both painting an inner experience as well as being with our inner experience as it is.
  3. You are curious, love to learn (or want to love to learn) and value a growth mindset.
  4. Non-judgmental – all are welcome. I meet you where you are and help you go where you want to go (and we can discuss that if you are not sure).
  5. You desire ownership over your movement, to blend science and intuition. To look inward when you wonder, “Is this right?” and to listen. Everything goes through your filter so it feels right, as well as applying good alignment principles when helpful.
  6. You want an experience that goes at your own pace. You want modifications to continue a practice around pain or injury AND time to explore them. Or maybe you hit a plateau and want to know what holding your back and how to succeed up against greater physical challenges.

If you have any questions, contact Cari: cari@igo-fitness.com