Soccer Performance Coaching

May 13, 2016

Soccer Performance Coaching is Soccer, Strength, Mind-Body and Movement Skill Training that…

Develop strength/endurance to handle tough year-round sports schedules
Manage tough emotions and improve focus
Improve balance and movement coordination
Increase core strength and confidence
Reduce pain or soreness in joints and muscles
Teach basics in nutrition for soccer players


Personal Soccer Performance Coaching

For the player committed to long term development, in this year-round program we build complete soccer players through individualized soccer training covering every aspect of the game.

We incorporate technical and tactical soccer skills along with Soccer-Specific Strength & Conditioning. For athletes considering college as their next level, as college coaches we know how to prepare you for the next level.

We are skilled in training around injuries and Post Injury-Rehab Training to begin as soon as players are cleared from Physical Therapy or as a compliment to physical therapy so that they can return to the game stronger and increase their chances of staying healthy.

Train 1:1, with a friend, or in a group. Personal, Partner, and Group Training Rates Apply.

Take advantage of this program with live training, online training, or a combination of the two.

“I found out about iGo Fitness after Cory gave a very motivating and enthusiastic presentation on what they had to offer and how it could benefit me personally as a high school soccer player. Initially, I was very nervous going to my first training session because this was the first time ever I was going to be working with a trainer. However, to my surprise, the training atmosphere was very different. It was was very relaxed and accommodating for a newcomer like me. There was always the right music played and also I could play my own music if I wanted. Cory is an excellent trainer who makes the sessions fun and very beneficial, while being very motivating. He made the training sessions seem very easy also. The training sessions were also specific to me so I would be a better soccer player, adjusting the trainings according to my abilities and how I reacted to it. He pushed me to do the best I could, and yet he never made me feel like I couldn’t reach my goal. I could also get appropriate feedback on how I’m doing with a particular exercise routine or stretch. If I needed to particularly stretch some part of my muscles, and I didn’t know how to, Cory would show how to do that very easily. Training at iGo Fitness was one of the most beneficial things I believe I have done for myself. It has given me whole new perspective on personal fitness programs.” – Narisha R.