May 13, 2016


Having a healthy flow of energy in your body is vital to staying vibrant and resilient to disease. Your energy field may be influenced – in a positive or negative way – by the fields of nearby organisms, the biosphere, and even the earth. Can you think of a time you felt someone‚Äôs presence before you saw or heard them? Science is constantly learning more about how our energy field is associated with processes such as heart and brain function, blood and lymph flow, ion transport across cell membranes, and more. You can experience your energy field with a boundless energy session. Energy is directed through the practitioner’s hands by physical touch as well as through your energy field that brings health and healing to the mind, body, and spirit. An ideal therapy if you are looking for ways to support your body’s natural healing capacity or go deeper into a relaxed, meditative state.

Reiki with Cari Sims can help you experience greater body awareness, deeper meditative states, support your immune system, and hold space if you’re experiencing feelings of heaviness, negativity, or anxiety.

Reiki sessions can take place in-home or in a treatment room at Supercharge! Foods, 1902 East Washington Avenue, Madison WI

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