Private Yoga Sessions

May 13, 2016

Private Yoga Sessions (we like to call the Personal Yoga Training here at iGO) are set up to be long-term, individualized programming that is set up to support your needs, and move at your pace. Private Yoga Sessions have the most impact when done consistently with long-term commitment. Personal Yoga Training accelerates your practice and gives your mind and body the opportunity to experience growth. selected specifically to bring you into a state of balance. Every pose and every cue is selected specifically to bring you into a state of balance.

We offer in-home and on-site training, so you save time and energy because the yoga comes to you.

If you prefer to practice in a studio, then schedule your appointment with Cari ( at SuperCharge! Foods, 1902 East Washington Avenue.

Our philosophy is to educate and empower. We see details that other’s miss, and show you the way to feeling at home in your body.

Read what other’s have to say about Cari‘s Personal Yoga Training:

“I get tremendous value for my money when I work with Cari.  That is true in yoga group classes and even more so in a one-on-one session. She seems to have the wisdom of a much older person – not only about how bodies fit and work together, but also of the healing that comes both physically and emotionally from listening to one’s body and inner guidance. I end up leaving feeling like I’ve had a massage, without having a massage and a spiritual uplifting without a sermon.  Quite remarkable.  It feels like truth to me!”

We create custom experiences specializing in yoga that’s accessible, authentic, and relevant to your life. From improving posture and mobility to deepening connection to self, we support your needs and move at your pace.

Group settings aren’t for everyone. And wouldn’t it be great to spend more time on the things that are most helpful for you?

Private Yoga Sessions at iGO Fitness are held with Cari Sims, who specializes in:

  • Making yoga accessible, fun, and relevant to the 21st Century
  • Overcoming plateaus in ones yoga practice
  • Correcting Postural Deviations in a way that honors your own, unique body and nature
  • Experiencing Self-Love, Kindness, and Compassion
  • Yoga for All. Non-dogmatic, relevant to your life yoga
  • Changing your Stress Response
  • Mobility (where you get stuck in yoga, Cari offers more than just the yoga-lens that will take you further)
  • Incorporating Reiki

You can shop packages here or email for more information


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