Coach Bios

July 4, 2016

Cari Sims: Personal Trainer and Private Yoga Instructor in Downtown Madison

Cari is a personal trainer and private yoga instructor at Forest Coaching and Studios, in Downtown Madison. She is certified to teach yoga through the Yoga Alliance Registered Schools Yandara Yoga Institute and Alex Pfeiffer’s 21st Century Yoga on the Mat yoga teacher training. She has completed the 200 and 300 hour yoga teacher training at Yandara Yoga Institute and 21st Century Yoga on the Mat’s 200 hour training. She is also an Usui Reiki Master practitioner and trained to facilitate Circling, an Inter-subjective Meditation Practice where the participants all sit in a circle and essentially have a “meditative conversation”. As a soccer coach, Cari holds a United States Soccer Federation National ‘D’ License and is an Assistant Coach of Madison College Women’s Soccer Program.

Cari creates a safe and peaceful space in which you will learn new ways to move–whether through yoga, meditation, soccer or strength training. Cari effectively combines all of these practices in her fresh approach to human movement. Her strong teaching abilities are in-depth, specific to every individual, and enhance confidence in all of her clients.

Cari’s approach to yoga extends beyond individual poses or any singular dogmatic approach. She embraces the Science of Yoga, functional biomechanics, and energetic intuition to help students release tension and build strength. As an athlete, Cari understands first-hand the challenge of feeling inflexible and adapts her teaching to all body types and experience levels. Her unique blend of cutting-edge science, centuries-old common sense wisdom, and an ever-burning desire to help others succeed is what truly fosters a one-of-a-kind experience in her classes and sessions.

She sees her yoga practice as akin to preparing slow food; requiring patience, focused attention, and compassion in order to bring the highest energetic benefits to the body.

Cari currently coaches (incorporating strength, yoga, meditation, and Reiki) at Forest Coaching and Studios (133 S. Blount Street, Madison) and teaches yoga classes at Earthview Yoga (824 East Washington Avenue, Suite 301 Madison).

What others say about Cari:

“I’ve been practicing yoga on an irregular basis for two year. I’ve recently had the desire to dive deeper into my practice so I sought advanced education from Cari Sims. She was extremely knowledgeable not only with proper alignment and breathing, but Cari is also impressively educated with muscle function. After our session, Cari followed up with me to go over her recommendations and offered additional information on how to improve my shoulder and hip mobility. The next day I attended a flow class and was pleasantly surprised with the awareness I had gained with my poses and how my breathing had vastly improved. I was able to relax into some of the more challenging positions as well as having more ability to activate my core muscles throughout the entire class. This has given me a new sense of excitement to practice yoga. I highly recommend working with Cari to improve mobility and awareness, so you too can practice yoga with purpose.”

Cory Sims

Cory Sims is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the NSCA, and also holds a National ‘B’ License through the USSF (United States Soccer Federation). Cory holds a Master of Science degree in Sports Conditioning and Performance through Southern Utah University. He has also a certified PN Level 1 Coach.

In addition to Performance Coaching and Personal Training, Cory is the Head Men’s Soccer Coach at Madison College (MATC). His duties include programming and overseeing the Strength & Conditioning protocols for the team.

Cory grew up as a natural athlete–sliding on the concrete sidewalks of Chicago as soon as he was old enough to walk. Thankfully he sought much safer surfaces in sports such as soccer and baseball but rounded out his sporting experiences with basketball, tennis and a dash of martial arts.

That diverse upbringing was enough to see Cory travel the world (England, China, Puerto Rico) as a sports ambassador, where he learned the far-reaching effects sports can have in society. Cory enrolled in school at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and, intramural sports aside, needed a way to channel his limitless energy. Personal fitness and training became instant passions.

Through coaching Cory has been able to combine his sports, theater, music and comedic aspirations to complete a lifelong mission: teaching people. Cory has worked with a diverse clientele ranging from 9 year-olds, to post-surgical/rehab clients to high-school and college athletes. His attention to detail allows him to create the right program and environment for any client.

Cory is blessed to be able to work alongside his wife, Cari who teaches a refreshingly unique brand of Yoga and is also a soccer coach.

What others say about Cory: 

When I started my search for a personal trainer, I had three basic requirements: Someone who could help me establish a program that could be done in my home and on my travels, could work with a motivated but out-of-shape 66-year old woman, and could accommodate to a physical therapy program for some joint issues.

On a five-star scale, Cory Sims from iGO Fitness gets 10 stars from me! Cory has patiently and consistently challenged me to progress beyond what I thought possible (he assures me that there are full-on pushups in my future!), and I have seen significant improvement in strength, flexibility, and balance. As we go through my workout, he gives me solid information about how my body functions, and his work has been a great accompaniment to my physical therapy.

His instruction is focused and specific, and my PT is very impressed with his ability to help me make subtle corrections that both support my physical therapy and avoid recurrence of injury. In addition to his technical skills as a trainer, he’s a delight to work with. He has a great sense of humor, and genuine ease in working with people.

It’s one thing to have a program that works while the trainer is standing beside you, but it was very important for me to have a program that I could do on my own. I had a chance to test the portability of my workout routine in a 3-week trip to Europe, where I was able to continue my workouts almost every day, using equipment that fit in a small corner of my suitcase.
Will I ever do a one-handed pushup? I have my doubts, but Cory has been so successful at challenging me that I do have to consider it a possibility!