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February 20, 2017

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Is iGO Online Training the right fit for you?

Does your schedule and lifestyle make it tough to work with a personal trainer consistently? Do you want to practice yoga in an individualized way? Are generic workouts not getting you the results you want, or do you have injuries that need custom programming and video tutorial to work around? Do you like exercising outside or in the comfort of your home? Or maybe you want to become empowered with knowledge that will increase your confidence and competence in the gym?
If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of the questions above, online training may be for you! Submit an iGO Online Personal Training Inquiry using the form below:
Can you briefly describe your specific, short-terms goals (with the next 12 weeks)?
Can you briefly describe your long-term goals (over the next year)?
Do you have any specific injuries you’re dealing with? If so please detail below:
How often are you training and what would you rate your current level of fitness?

With iGO Online Personal Training you can workout wherever and whenever with a custom training program.

Maybe midnight workouts are your thing. Maybe you have access to your school’s gym and want a personalized strength and conditioning program to prepare for your sport. Or maybe you want to train first thing in the morning before your kids wake up. iGO Fitness excels in creating effective workouts no matter where you are and what equipment you have access to. 

How does online training work? It costs less because we are not scheduling a live appointment with you. As much as we love and prefer live coaching, we can still individualize coaching cues based on videos you share with us and online messaging through an app called Trainerize. Here you can access custom videos and instruction, nutrition tracking and support, workout calendars, built in timers, ability to print out workouts, and even sync up your Fitbit. This can become your virtual fitness hub. You can easily check-in when you complete a workout so we can track your progress and help you reach your goals.

Online Training is a monthly subscription requiring a 3-month minimum commitment.

Pay $450/month with 3-month online training commitment
Pay $400/month with 6-month online training commitment
Pay $350/month with 12-month online training commitment