iGO Mindfulness Programs

February 17, 2017

iGO Mindfulness Programs – Madison, WI

Private Yoga Sessions (we call it Personal Yoga Training here at iGO) are set up to be long-term, individualized programming that is set up to support your needs, and move at your pace. The same way Personal Strength and Conditioning Training is most effective when done consistently, Personal Yoga Training accelerates your practice and gives your mind and body the opportunity to experience growth.

Reiki (Energetic Support) with Cari Sims can help you experience greater body awareness, deeper meditative states, support your immune system, and hold space if you’re experiencing feelings of heaviness, negativity, or anxiety.

Fair Trade Yoga is a group class model that’s intended to make yoga more affordable for students and pay more equitable for teachers. It’s one of those genuine win-win deals. How’s it work? Easy-peasy. You pay a flat rate for a class series (five to ten weeks), and you have a spot reserved. No muss, no fuss.

Custom Online Yoga Coaching will soon be available