Personal Training

May 14, 2016

How iGO Fitness Madison Personal Training is unique…

It’s all about you, so you get accelerated results. One-on-one sessions increase adherence with extra motivation and personalized programming. Whether it’s for improved mobility and function, fat loss, or athletic performance goals, iGO Personal Training will get you there.  You’ll have access to expert and personalized coaching in our following specialties:

We know that how you do an exercise matters and that your body doesn’t always get the job done in the best way for you.

Our methods will match your goals so that you get the results you want. If you want to improve your athletic performance, we can help. If you want to get stronger without getting bulky, we can help. If you want to bulk up, we can help. If you’ve been told to get moving but exercise hurts, we can help. We pay attention to details that others often miss, meaning you get more benefits out of each subsequent workout.

We are where people go when everything else they try fails. We hope that you take the short-cut to success and call us at 608-698-3153 today!

“I am over 50 and had as one of my goals in my initial work with Cory at iGO Fitness, to be able to work for hours in my garden and not get sore, in addition to being more toned and fit overall. I can only say that one recent weekend I worked for over 12 hours, weeding and digging and hauling wheelbarrows around with the only soreness coming from a few rose bush scratches! I have realized that the workouts help me to enjoy my grandchildren more too. He has worked around multiple injuries (not from my workouts), and has always kept things interesting. I never know what the workout will encompass. He is always prepared and encouraging. Sign up now, you won’t regret it!”

– Susanne B.

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