Affordable Yoga Madison WI

July 4, 2016

A unique offering of affordable yoga in Madison, WI…


A Model of Fair Trade

Fair Trade Yoga is a model that’s intended to offer affordable yoga for students and equitable pay for teachers. It’s one of those genuine win-win deals. How’s it work? Easy-peasy. You pay a flat rate for a class series (five to ten weeks), and you have a spot reserved. No muss, no fuss.

Commit to your practice

Life is messy, and if you always wait for the right time, you may never begin. With a ten-class studio pass, it’s easy to spread classes out over months without building on your skills. This model gives you the motivation to show up each week and get the full benefit from your practice. If you do miss classes, each class stands on it’s own so you’ll be able to jump back in with no issue. Some sessions you may make all 10, some you may only make 3 or 4, but in the end you are building a healthy habit and supporting a yoga or fitness movement dedicated to elevate the profession as a whole.

Testimonial: Get the Basics Down

“I loved your class. You helped modify everything based on each individual and explained each pose so it was easy to pick up as a first timer. I loved that you explained the importance of muscle activation in conjunction with stretching.”

Build a community

Unlike drop-in classes, you’ll see the same group of people over the course of your series. It’s a chance to meet other people and create a supportive yoga community. With this affordable yoga model, we make a dent in increasing the accessibility of attending yoga class on a regular basis.

Testimonial: Engage in Community

“Class is a student centered exploration. It is a conversation, literally and metaphorically, between the teacher and students. I imagine you as fearless, in your “let’s see if this works for you” style. Can’t wait for classes to begin!”

Testimonial: Detailed Instruction

“As a yogi for many years, i don’t always feel like i really “learn” in classes. In my class with you i felt like i really learned a lot about using my breath to enhance my practice and how to make subtle adjustments to body mechanics and strength and in order to feel so much more in control and stable in poses.”

Testimonial: Deepen Your Awareness

“The way you explain the inner workings of the body, whether it’s breathing or tissue connections, you have a way of making me mentally visualize what’s happening while I’m going through the movements which makes it a much deeper and better experience. The fact that your classes are smaller and more intimate makes it a better experience. You help me stretch and strengthen sore areas in ways I could never come up with on my own. I recommend you to everyone!”

Save money!

Fair Trade Yoga is a model that’s intended to make yoga affordable and accessible for students and pay more equitable for teachers. It’s one of those genuine win-win deals. How’s it work? Easy-peasy. You pay a flat rate for a class series (five to ten weeks), and you have a spot reserved. No muss, no fuss. We know that life happens so we priced ours to reflect the market cost of 4-5 classes rather than having you pay for all 10. Think of this as paying for 5 classes, which you have to use in 10 weeks. Any class you attend after the first 5 is essentially free (yay, bonus classes!)

We offer Gentle, Beginner-Friendly, and Intermediate Classes



The dates below are for the discounted series rates. You can purchase the entire series or drop-in to ongoing classes. To view the current weekly schedule, visit our Class Calendar.

There are no refunds or carryover of classes if you sign up for a series, however you can make-up classes during the course of the series in alternate classes if there is space available. 

Upcoming 10 Class Series: $60 

Drop-ins: $10

Classes held at SuperCharge! Foods, 1902 E. Washington Ave, Madison WI

Strong & Steady Flow 

This class flows at a slower pace and incorporates strong, longer holds. You’ll have time and space to observe your inner landscape and listen to your body’s feedback. Each week we will take time to break down a yoga pose or technique. Appropriate for Beginners.

Tuesdays 6:45- 8:00 p.m.

Purchase 10 Class Series for $60:

March 28th – June 13th. No class April 18th or May 30th

Gentle Yoga… with a dash of Restorative

The first part will be a gentle yoga class where you will dive deeper into more subtle aspects of yoga and explore new ways to use  yoga as a tool of transformation in your life. The class will close with exploration of subtle body experiences, Restorative Yoga with Reiki support, pranayama, and meditation.

Sundays 6:45 – 8:00 p.m.

Purchase 10 class series for $60: March 26th –  June 11th. No class April 16th or May 28th

21st Century Yoga on the Mat

In this strong, moderate pace flow, you’ll dive deeper into the “why” and “how” of yoga, along with some intermediate poses, so you are empowered with the knowledge that can help you use  yoga as a tool of transformation in your life. The focus of this class is to explore different ways of ‘being’ in your practice throughout the series and participants help shape the experience. 

Thursdays 6:45 – 8:00 p.m.

Purchase 10 Class Series for $60: March 30th – June 15th. No class April 13th or May 25th