Advanced Does Not Equal Complex

Advanced doesn’t necessarily mean more complex, although we see this confusion all the time in our line of work.
At iGO Fitness, advanced is also coaching the simple things effectively so that they become more difficult. Advanced is also exploring subtle nuances in ones experience. Advanced is being present with what your body needs in this moment, and letting go of how the pose looks and expanding the definition of difficult. Advanced is assessing your movement based on the feeling in your body over the shape.
Yoga is practiced by a lot of naturally flexible, bendy people.  Kids often pick their favorite sports based on how  good they are. Let’s face it, it’s fun to do the things we are good at. As a result, yoga teachers are dis-proportionally flexible and more likely to leave out other body types. This can happen in sports to… really in any field. We often see a disconnect between a coach being able to do something well, and their ability to relay to someone else how to do it. It may have come pretty easy to then, therefore they never went through a process of inquiry around why and how they can perform that skill well much less how someone with a different body and mind might perform that skill.
If you haven’t found it yet, your empowered fitness and/or mind-body experience is out there!


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