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You don’t need to have fancy goals to be fit.  Whether you want to Run faster, jump higher, or be able to play with your grandchildren we care about your goals.  At iGO Fitness, we know you train in order to live your life, and you’ll leave with more energy and feeling stronger every time.


ELIMINATE chronic pain or tension in your body.  BREAK FREE from negative thought patterns.  HEAL FASTER by supporting your body’s natural healing abilities.  SLEEP BETTER than ever.  Non-Dogmatic, Relevant to the 21st Century, Yoga Options.

Youth and Teens

At iGO Fitness, we are dedicated to the long-term development of youth athletes and helping kids understand the changes they experience as they grow. Our fun, innovate youth a teen programs empower kids to a lifetime and good physical health! We offer Speed & Agility, Yoga, Athletic Development Coaching, and innovative Soccer Performance Camps, and more.


iGO Fitness brings the training philosophies of some of the world's top teams and clubs (Bayern Munich, Ajax, Everton, German National Team, Seattle Sounders, FC Kansas City and more) to Madison! We coach complete soccer players by addressing proper movement mechanics with and without the ball, strength, balance, speed, mobility, mental agility, mental focus and recovery.


Every Movement Matters

the difference is in the details

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