Comprehensive Fitness and Mind-Body Coaching

At iGO Fitness, we integrate the movement practices below, customizing the balance for each client.

Strength & Conditioning

•ANY AGE can benefit from Personal Training •Increase your ENERGY & STRENGTH •You don’t need to have fancy goals to be fit. We care about YOUR GOALS •INDIVIDUALIZED programming that meets you where you are and is the appropriate challenge level for OPTIMAL RESULTS •We specialize in helping being ENJOY their movement and workouts!

Youth and Teen Athletes

We are dedicated to the long-term development of youth athletes •We help kids GET THROUGH TOUGH GROWTH SPURTS that affect their athletic performance •We EMPOWER kids and teens to a lifetime and good physical health •Youth Athletes work hard and improve while also HAVING FUN •We coach SPEED, AGILITY, STRENGTH, YOGA, and SOCCER SKILLS

Mindfulness Programs

Non-Dogmatic, Relevant to the 21stCentury, Yoga. •Detailed BREATH INSTRUCTION •Integration of CURRENT exercise SCIENCE •A focus on RESILIENCE and STABILITY •Expert instruction on reducing TIGHTNESS •Safely increase your RANGE OF MOTION •REIKI, energetic boost for your body’s natural healing capacity

Soccer Performance

We coach complete soccer players •SOCCER-SPECIFIC Strength and Conditioning •Learn proper movement mechanics WITH THE BALL •Improve STRENGTH, BALANCE, SPEED •Yoga for soccer players to improve FLEXIBILITY, mental strength, and FOCUS

Why invest in iGO Fitness Coaching?

In a world that's trying to sell you one-size-fits all workouts, short cuts, flashy fads, and short term solutions...
We Keep It Real. Consistent practice over time is the key to progress.

It's not only what you do, but how you do it. As teachers, and invest in our ability to relay information effectively and acknowledge each client's individuality. We will support you in developing an active lifestyle that's empowering and sustainable for you, through small and meaningful steps. Just as we consistently need to eat, breath and hydrate, we need to move our bodies.

  • Get Treated like the the one-of-a-kind individual that you are

    We work with a diverse clientele, from 9 year-olds, to post-surgical/rehab clients, to college athletes. Our attention to detail allows and emphasis on communication and research allow us to create the right program and environment for any client.

  • attention to detail

    iGO Fitness Coaching is so much more than someone telling you what to do and when. Since every body and mind is unique, we provide essential, individualized coaching that custom fits your experience, increasing the safety and effectiveness of training.

  • Train around injury

    We are skilled in training around injuries and Post Injury-Rehab Training (including broken bones, ligaments tears, concussions, etc.) to begin as soon as one is cleared from Physical Therapy or as a compliment to physical therapy so that they can return stronger and increase their chances of staying healthy.

The iGO Team

Our philosophy is to educate and empower. We see details that other's miss, and show you the way to feeling at home in your body.
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Cory Sims

Director of Athletic Development -Strength and Conditioning Coach-Fitness Training-Soccer Coach
Through coaching Cory has been able to combine his sports, theater, music and comedic aspirations to complete a lifelong mission: teaching people.
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Cari Sims

Director of Yoga and Mind-Body Practices – Reiki Master – Soccer Coach
Cari’s unique blend of cutting-edge science, centuries-old wisdom, and an ever-burning desire to help others succeed is what truly fosters a one-of-a-kind experience in her sessions.


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